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Who is this Hilarious Juggling Phenom?

James BuSTAR is a juggling talent both alike and unlike his contemporaries. Like other jugglers, he works with materials like bowling pins, tennis balls and other items, some of which are more dangerous, like hatchets. Unlike other jugglers though, James BuSTAR has a worldwide renown thanks to a 2009 bid on the popular television show, Australia’s Got Talent. The time spent in a national spotlight has done much to increase his popularity both in and out of Australia, where BuSTAR has become a household name.


He’s worked corporate events, public and private shows and more, all over the world. He’s made a living impressing those who are difficult to impress. Clients like BMW, McDonald’s, Toyota, Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and MasterFoods have all contracted with James BuSTAR in the past.


While he is a juggler by trade and naturally exhibits his skills when and where they will get him paid, the fact is that James BuSTAR makes most of his regular earnings from working weddings. Juggling does make unique entertainment for wedding receptions, and fun entertainment for weddings is always in high demand. People are looking for more than just music and dances these days – something James BuSTAR knows and has capitalized upon. For those looking to hire wedding entertainment, live wedding entertainment such as that provided by James BuSTAR is difficult if not impossible to find with other jugglers.


For many it is a simple act, but as Judge Tom Burlinson from Australia’s Got Talent has put it, “… It’s just juggling, but you’ve added something different to it.” BuSTAR’s unique juggling talent and ability to make a large crowd lively is surely something worth seeing at least once.

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